Priscilla June Yonker

Ten years ago today my brother called me on the phone to tell me that our mother had been killed in a car accident.  My mother may have been physically taken from us ten years ago, but she lives on in the kindness and compassion that survives in her children and grandchildren (shown here). My mom was the most giving person I have ever known. She lived for you.

My mother raised my brother, my sister and me. My dad was always working, trying to provide for his family, doing the best he could, but my mom made me the person who I am today. My dad taught me how to work hard but my mom taught me how to understand and share the feelings of another. She taught me the joy of giving. She taught me that life is beautiful. I try as best I can everyday to make her proud of me . Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don’t, but if I can pass along that same kindness, love and understanding to my children then she will live on forever. – Geary Yonker

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