The fruits of our labor.

For the last ten years we have been planting trees up at our farm in Wisconsin with the long term goal of reforesting land that was a dairy farm for close to a century. We began in 2001 with 100 Silver Maple seedlings and one six foot tall Niobe Willow. Not one of the maples seedlings was able to fight the grasses and sandy soil to survive that first year but I am proud to report that the willow we planted is now about twenty feet tall. Planting trees up at the farm was and still is an excercise in hope. By my own estimates we have planted 210 trees up there in the last ten years and only 28 have survived. The point of the planting is in the act of the doing it every year regardless of the previous results. It is in the act of putting the trees into the wet spring ground with the hope that one day another generation will appreciate their shade.  That generation will not know of your work. They will probably think that it all happened naturally but that is not important. What is important, is that regardless of outcome that you kept trying. And that sometimes a seeding makes it through the realities of that harsh environment, survives and grows. Keepgoing

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