The Winter of 1948 On The Farm

I found these photos in an old Cuban cigar box in my grandparent’s house after they both passed away about 15 years ago. There were about 30 photos in the cigar box and my guess is that they are all from the same roll of film. These particular photos were not dated but other photos in the box had notes on the back saying that they were from 1948, my great uncle Ed’s first year on the farm. I also believe that these pictures were taken by my great uncle Ed since not many people would be paying him a visit during the winter months.

These are photos taken by a solitary man in the middle of a Wisconsin winter. They are the pictures of his closest companions, the dairy cows and the two mules that helped him work the farm (one smiling for the camera here). My great uncle Ed will always been an enigma to my friends and family. All we know of him are the stories that have been told to us by others and some notes that he left in the margins of books. We know that he was strong man, an opinionated man, and here we get a chance to look through his eyes.       – Geary Yonker

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