The Fucking Golden Project

Last Friday October 15th, 2010 all campaigns in the state of Illinois had to report their fundraising totals for the third quarter. The take away story was how Republican candidates had significantly out raised their Democratic opponents in this traditionally Democratic state. The Republican candidate for US Senate Mark Kirk raised 3.12 million dollars from July 1st to September 30th while Democrat Alexi Giannoulias (shown here at the 2009 Taste of Polonia) raised 2.32 million dollars. Since the first quarter of 2009 these two campaigns have raised a combined 21 million dollars.

This same state of Illinois also has one of the biggest state budget deficits in the nation. At last count it stood at 13 billion dollars. Democratic Governor Pat Quinn has proposed a series of budget cuts and tax increases to make up the deficit. His Republican opponent Bill Brady has proposed more draconian budget cuts and has pledged against tax increases. Realistically neither plan will be able to make up such a huge deficit.

Desperate times such as these call for desperate measures. That is why I propose taking the advice of our former governor of the great state of Illinois and consider a revolutionary one-time action: The Fucking Golden Project. How many millions of dollars will be raised and spent on winning elected positions in the state of Illinois this election cycle? Couldn’t that money be put to a better use? Check back in for updates on The Fucking Golden Project.

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